The project aims at improving our understanding of the working conditions of notaries in the Outaouais region and the issues they are faced with in their practice. During the first stage of the project, we conducted a literature review aimed at identifying the main changes in the legal services market and the conditions in which notarial law is practiced. Subsequently, an empirical exploratory study was conducted with notaries practicing in the Gatineau region.

A series of interviews was conducted with a total of 21 notaries in private practice. The interviews took place between May and August 2016 and were intended to provide us with information on the conditions of practice of notarial law and the changes under way.

The information gathered during the interviews subsequently served as the basis for the preparation of an online survey distributed to the notaries of the region in the fall of 2016. A total of 69 respondents participated in the survey. The main results of the survey are available here.

Financial and other support

The Association des notaires de l’Outaouais has provided an invaluable support for this project, including  with respect to the recruitment of interview participants and the design and distribution of the survey.

The project also received financial support from the following organizations:


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